Very I’m once again considering using your SCC to possess my project

Very I’m once again considering using your SCC to possess my project

Hi daddlylongleg, I experienced laser beam eye operations past very I am browsing need to keep this small, however, so you can go a hierarchy you could use a trigger to help you glance at when the user is around the ladder (make sure the SCC object provides an effective collider connected in fact it is placed on new SCC’s OwnCollider adjustable).

Then, put another type of county on the PlayerMachine that is triggered one to perform disable floor clamping and permit the ball player to increase and you will down with the input

Hey Erik. Although not, I’m that have difficulty. I have set up my personal layers properly, nevertheless when I start up the overall game, it says there can be no crushed discover under the member. I am playing with a terrain by-the-way. In so far as i can tell on your own surface decide to try world, I do not need certainly to put any section on the terrain in itself. What might We be doing incorrect?

Hi dr, because you asserted that you settings the levels I’m whenever your have the TempCast layer added, however, do you properly make sure to place the new player’s Walkable level to incorporate the new terrain’s covering? And you are clearly correct that new surface doesn’t need an effective BSPTree script (or whatever else) put in it.

It’s great to see somebody checking up on what they do

Hmm. You’ll be able to that we forgot to create the fresh Terrain’s level since the a walk-able layer…since the I recently provided it other was into the another type of scene and it’s really performing good. Many thanks for the fresh new quick react!

Are unable to edit posts, thus I am going to only article a moment respond. I am not having the “no surface receive” error, not, once moving together to the terrain a while, the type simply falls as a result of. I’m not bouncing otherwise shedding out-of one thing, only walking forward. And the terrain try an one hundred% flat working surface thus far.

It also is when my character jumps. We more or less was review this with the SuperStateMachine controller one to you made therefore i disable clamping to allow the brand new plunge and re-permit clamping if the user lands. It truly does work with an airplane, however with the newest landscapes the player encounters.

Performed an extra attempt trying figure it out on my very own. We grabbed the ball player target in the TestZone scene and you can introduced it towards TestTerrain scene. It occurs here too. Often in the event that player is originating down from a reversal, it’ll wade all the way through the landscapes.

Hey Dr, disappointed with the radio quiet over the past week, started an extremely active going back to me personally…I am going to attempt to check shortly, however, things have started active. It is possible among the many raycasts is actually clipping through the surface collider and you can lost the floor accident, uncertain. Will try to work it!

Don’t worry! I grasp existence happens also it happens earliest. I simply take pleasure in you will still display and address these types of results. Waiting for one options/answers you find.

What’s the reason for the latest ‘currentlyGrounded’ parameter throughout the ‘IsGrounded’ bool on Super Character Controller program? I’ve effectively removed they, plus it generally seems to performs the same. I initially thought that if the profile has already been grounded your may want to provide the spherecast a little more length to hit steeper mountains when you’re taking walks down him or her, but once i checked ‘currentlyGrounded’ really the only efficiency was basically when the system is being done and in the fresh variables of the approach.

Don’t worry about it! I completely understand lifestyle goes therefore will come first. I just take pleasure in you will still display and you may answer such conclusions. Waiting for any solutions/answers the truth is.

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