The second catchphrase he usually states inside the battles is: “I am able to damage you to definitely fantasy you have!

The second catchphrase he usually states inside the battles is: “I am able to damage you to definitely fantasy you have!

” As he says which, it constantly indicates he’s going to winnings the battle he could be already involved with. As well as the “For example misfortune” line, so it also features fallen out from have fun with of the your from inside the The brand new Testament, coming back merely after he decides to avoid Othinus away from suicide.

Touma has said to the numerous times which he merely will not understand why individuals with unbelievable energies might use her or him due to their individual private get in the place of with them to help make the globe an effective ideal set. Eventually, even in the event, this will make your no less skilled a champion, once the he’s nevertheless aware that what they do is actually evil, even though the guy are unable to appreciate this.

Ironically, even with Touma which have of a lot girls keen on him, he’s got revealed no noticeable close destination on it. Although not, Touma reported that he especially likes Dormitory manager Onee-san (elder sister) designs, [27] as is the situation which have Kanzaki Kaori as he envisioned the girl sporting this new swimsuit used by Directory for the Angel Fall incident, [28] and you can inquiring a hug off Oriana Thomson after they earliest fulfilled. [29] He has also shown awareness of the exact opposite sex when on it together inside the shameful items, for example his come upon that have Oriana Thompson when you look at the Daihaisesai. Regardless of this, Motoharu refers to Touma while the somebody who has strong mind-manage who’ll perhaps not assault people that are sleeping (given that revealed of the his behaviour around Index). [30] Not surprisingly, the narration says you to Touma is not a natural Saint in the regards to his interest on opposite sex. [25]

Due to their identity, former antagonists into the their area of the collection such Stiyl Magnus, Accelerator, Agnese Sanctis, Vento of the Top, Hamazura Shiage, Lessar, Cendrillon, and Othinus are extremely their allies.

With regards to the creator, Touma fundamentally refers to someone because of the the “first name” (we.age. the name one virtually come first in its title acquisition), very the guy goes with Stiyl to own Stiyl Magnus and you will Tsuchimikado to possess Tsuchimikado Motoharu. [31]


Touma meets their allies and you will loved ones abruptly, as well as help each other in lot of factors. The experience of Touma was in fact shaped due to many and varied reasons:


Touma views List since the somebody who he has got to safeguard without exceptions. Despite once you understand the woman only for an incredibly short-time, the guy decides to cover up their memory loss away from this lady to safeguard the girl thoughts when he try fascinated with their ‘perfect smile’. Directory lifetime that have him which can be a steady sink on the his info because of her immense cravings. It’s unknown if Touma feels some thing intimate on Index, but the guy do care and attention significantly from the her. A number of his strategies regarding facts are due to him caring for her well-getting, to the stage one to Stiyl even used which so you can his advantage to help you coerce Touma in aiding their mission, and to deceive both secret and you may technology sides.

List ‘s the just person so far to have confessed the woman thinking to have your, however, due to their loss of memory the guy doesn’t know what type out of relationships that they had before thus he places the condition into the keep. He has got also been kissed with the cheek by the the girl throughout the fresh new Daihaseisai, albeit occur to, which managed to make it shameful for them to properly communicate with per other afterwards.

It has also already been realized that, pre and post losing his memory, Touma is actually afraid of shedding people connection with her and therefore she can get get-off his front side someday.


The connection anywhere between Othinus and you can Touma been as one of common enemies, which have Touma enjoying Othinus among the very harmful foes he’d actually confronted. Due to the fact commander out-of GREMLIN, Othinus caused the Their state experience therefore the Baggage City event, all of which greatly impacted Touma. Nonetheless they barely fulfilled personally for most of your own Gremlin Tale, its very first stumble on also finished having Othinus cruelly smashing Touma’s case and you can seeking to kill your as opposed to the second from hesitation. If you are she accepted Consider Breaker because a threat, Othinus considered that Touma themselves is absolutely nothing but a human exactly who does not see his devote the nation, also heading so far as to break his will by simply making countless horrible worlds to demonstrate him exactly how pitiful he or she is.

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