Joshua and Margaret are Jake’s moms and dads exactly who first starred in an effective flashback when you look at the “Recollections off Growth Boom Slope

Joshua and Margaret are Jake’s moms and dads exactly who first starred in an effective flashback when you look at the “Recollections off Growth Boom Slope

Joshua and Margaret

” Finn and you may Jake’s parents are one another dead, whether or not whenever or the way they died wasn’t found. During the his flashback as the a child on the episode “Crystals Has Electricity,” Jake is actually proven to features a full time income brother entitled Jermaine. He has got perhaps not started found in-person; merely for the flashbacks and you will holograms. Jake is normally reminded from their family unit members, once the found into the “Beautopia.” From inside the “Conquest out-of Cuteness,” Jake informs Finn you to definitely possibly the guy seems like their mom.

Despite Jake’s reference to their mother he’s not the girl real child since the found for the “Joshua and you will Margaret Analysis” where Joshua is actually poisoned because of the Contour-shifter starting Jake. This is going to make the shape-shifter Jake’s physical “mother” and you can Margaret his adoptive/step-mom. However Joshua and you will Margaret never told Jake about it so he is clueless.

In the first Study, Jake sees the situation out-of his delivery and you may notices one Joshua is his dad if you’re Margaret is not their genuine mommy. He was surprised knowing that it and you can tries to deny they but in the near future realizes it absolutely was true and you will searched ok in it but the guy does nevertheless like him or her

Warren Ampersand

Warren Ampersand was a form-progressing alien and you will Jake’s physiological “father”. Since the Joshua and you will Margaret never told Jake the truth about his sources, he had been unaware of this and you can thought that the two is his actual parents. In the “The initial Studies,” Jake notices the truth out-of their birth courtesy a period of time slip and you can observes one to Joshua are their “father” (certain can say “mother” is the better DNA meets) when you are Margaret try their adoptive/action mother. He or she is surprised knowing that it and you can attempts to refuse it, but soon knows it absolutely was true. At the bottom, the guy match the design-shifter just who he’s surprised to generally meet and you will complements it in order to the homeworld.

Which come upon continues on on the “Jake the latest Starchild”, the design-Shifter brings up himself since Warren in order to his boy while they arrive to their homeworld. On to arrive around, Warren shown so you’re able to Jake he is perishing. Jake is actually a while reluctant since the the guy merely watched Joshua and you will ily but seemed to warm up in order to your because Warren displayed Jake a museum he built in his honor and you can found the guy was enjoying over your for a long time.

Yet not, it ceased when Jake afterwards found out, that Warren had merely lead your so you can his industry to absorb Jake’s powers, sooner or later eliminating Jake. Warren accepted that it as he got done this with his many most other young children however, stated Jake is actually alone he thought guilty about draining.

Knowing that Warren will not very manage him, Jake tricked Warren from the calling him “Dad” and you will restored his vitality after revealing he switched the straps. Warren are shocked of the Jake’s tips before second taunted your and you can shown him his or her own people, hence brought about Warren to decide to visit immediately following her or him however, Jake p. At the conclusion of the brand new episode, Warren is defeated from the Jake and you may tossed to the a black hole.


Regarding the event, “Jermaine”, it is revealed that Jake’s half-sis, Jermaine, had been living in his family members’ domestic to guard their dad’s products that was basically extracted from demons exactly who wished the things right back. Upon Jake’s come back to our house, Jermaine cracks and you may yells from the Jake, disappointed and you can envious one Jake got for ages been Joshua’s favorite and you may remaining Jermaine to cope dating in Tucson city with their dad’s mess if you find yourself Jake ran to has actually adventures. Towards the end of your own event, the 2 settle new disagreement while making up. On occurrence “Abstract,” when Jake nonetheless keeps their Shape-shifter physical appearance, Jermaine helped Jake so you’re able to reacquire his canine appearance because their father informed aforementioned that experience could happen.

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