Tips for Choosing the Best Payday Loans Service for Your Needs

Tips for Choosing the Best Payday Loans Service for Your Needs

Last on our list of the best payday loans services comes Speedy Cash. They are a reputable brand with around 200 stores across the United States. One of their greatest achievements, as they like to point out themselves, is that they helped over five million people when the going got tough.

  • Lower-than-average APR
  • Member of Online Lenders Alliance
  • Loans available by phone, online, and in stores
  • Friendly and helpful staff members
  • Not accredited by the BBB
  • Loan amount capped at $500

Lending Offer Overview

If you wish to procure one of the best no credit check payday loans, then Speedy Cash is the right place to be. As expected, the loan terms, fees, and amounts depend on your neck of the woods. This brand usually offers two repayment terms; a bi-weekly and a monthly one. To the satisfaction of their customer, fees are below average ranging between 214% and 460%. On the other hand, the maximum amount they lend is 500$, which might not be enough for some borrowers. Customers have several payment options at their disposal. They can choose to repay their loan with cash or by a debit card in one of the stores. Alternatively, they can do so online. Debtors who find themselves in a dire financial situation will be offered payment plans.

Other Features

Speedy Cash offers some of the best payday loans online with no credit check , and they come with near-instant approval times. Keeping up with the industry standards, this company has made its application process effortless and convenient, meaning that customers will complete it in the blink of an eye. Same-day deposits are available to in-store clients, while online borrowers will need to be a bit more patient. Their smartphone app, which lets you manage your loan and account on the go, is available on Google Play and on the App Store .

While we’ve provided you with reviews of the industry’s best, our job doesn’t end here – we’ll help you narrow down the options further. Read on for our trusted tips that will take you to the one service that has the highest chance of solving your short-term money problems.

Remove Unavailable Options

This might sound obvious, however, the first thing on your journey to the best place for payday loans for your needs is whether the lender operates in your state. Even though some of the lenders covered in our best payday loans reviews advertise their nationwide availability, that doesn’t mean they can legally offer loans in your state. Customers should always ask to see the lender’s license before they proceed with the application. Another limiting factor could be your age, as some companies won’t work with people younger than 21.

Define Your Needs

Planning ahead, even in emergencies, is always beneficial. Customers should have a clear plan in their minds before they request a loan. Write down how much money you need, and when you’ll be able to pay it back. Decide whether you’re more comfortable with in-store loans, or whether online loans are your cup of tea. This is not a location-related matter only, but also one relating to how fast you need the money, as online loans usually arrive to your account after 24 hours. These clear-cut requirements will help you trim this list of the best payday loans companies further.

Decide What’s Unacceptable

For every honest lender, you’ll likely encounter a dozen shady ones. That’s why you must be adamant in your resolve. Borrowers should always set clear boundaries that won’t be crossed even in the direst of situations. Lenders that require approval fees should be disregarded without a second thought, as they’re most likely trying to scam you. Companies with exorbitant APRs are trying to “legally rob you” and should also be dismissed instantly. While the best payday loans online and in-store services don’t go for such cheap tricks, you should stay vigilant regardless since it’s your money that’s at stake.

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