We discuss whether you can get a rebate on your new customer payday loan account at Check Into Cash

We discuss whether you can get a rebate on your new customer payday loan account at Check Into Cash

Coupon websites are lying to you when they promise fast discounts on Check Into Cash payday loans. These ads rarely pan out. Most rebate-fueled domains boast big discounts but do little to back it up, thanks to stagnant offer pages populated with always-awful “promotions.” It’s a game to them.

  • You type in and search “Check Into Cash Promo Code” on your browser
  • You see sites like RetailMeNot, Groupon, and SlickDeals promising coupon codes for rebates
  • You click on one of the sites and https://signaturetitleloans.com/payday-loans-ms/ scroll through the offers
  • You leave the site disappointed that there wasn’t actually a discount available

How does this happen? Well, offer sites maintain their high SERP ranking by optimizing their site for clicks. That means constantly making sure the landing page is filled with new, appealing offers, as browsers rank active sites higher than inactive ones.

The problem is that these digital coupon companies do not always receive new offers on a regular basis. Think about it: a product can’t always be on sale. So, the coupon companies populate the offer pages with “evergreen” (pretend) offers, which don’t provide the consumer any value whatsoever. We’re talking about boring offers like: “Sign up for the newsletter to get great deals.” They rotate these offers to trick the browser crawlers into thinking the page is up-to-date with new discounts.

Most consumers want to find a deal when shopping online, and 62 percent of them will not make a purchase before searching for an offer. So, it’s no surprise that deal sites are so popular. It’s just a shame that you can’t trust them for reliable offers.

Check Into Cash Pre-Approved Voucher

The most popular Check Into Cash promo code searched for online is the pre-approved voucher. The problem is that the voucher isn’t available to just anyone.

There’s not a code you can punch into application.checkintocash and magically receive an instant loan offer. It’s harder than that. Our best guess is you have to receive a personalized code, and those are likely only sent to people who meet certain pre-qualifications.

Rebate for Returning Customers

There is an offer that gives a $10 rebate to returning customers. It is an online-only offer, which means you must use it through site, rather than using it in-store. We will not link to the offer from this site, but you should be able to find it easily enough going to one of the deal sites we mentioned in this blog.

What is Check Into Cash?

Check Into Cash advertises itself as your one-stop money shop. In practice, it is an online and in-store resource for payday loans and cash advances. A payday loan or a cash advance is a form of short-term lending. In this case, it is very short – the borrower is expected to pay the loan, fees, and interest back in full on their next pay date.

Using its five-minute application, consumers apply for up to $1,000 depending on their state of residence. The company has hundreds of retail locations where consumers can apply from if they do not wish to use the online form.

  • Installment loans – Unlike a payday loan that’s due on the borrower’s next payday, an installment loan is paid back bit by bit over time. The longer loan term allows for larger loan amounts.
  • Line of credit – An open-end form of borrowing that is available when the borrower needs it.
  • Flex loans – Another name for a line of credit; this is a form of lending that is set up in advance and is ready when the borrower needs it.

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